Social Workers Month

Social workers are found in nearly every facet of community life and it is important to thank them during their national recognition month.  Here are some of the places social workers can be found: hospitals, schools, senior centers, elected office, prisons, military, mental health clinics and more.  Social Work Month was recognized in 1984 by the White House and since then it has had a theme each year which is focused on.  For example, in 2011 it was “Social Workers Change Futures” and in 2012 it was “Social Work Matters”.  Social workers, while many may not realize it, are invaluable to the restoration, enhancement and stability of our communities.

Supporting our social workers is important and we need to recognize how vital they are to the fabric of our society and local communities.  These are often the people who face the most challenging mental and physical hardships because of the daily work they do.  The soldiers serving overseas putting their lives at risk are going through extreme conditions which we can only imagine.  The social workers helping people in communities every day and tending to those who are mentally unstable must face mental challenges and see more than their share of sadness.

Emre Umar has always been a big supporter of social workers and has done his best to help support them when possible.  He understands they are the bedrock which keeps communities stable and pulls them together in difficult times.  If you know a person who is a social worker then be sure to give them your thanks and, if possible, give them a small token of your appreciation.   They deal with very challenging workplace conditions at times and aren’t always compensated as well as they should be.

If you’re a social worker, then let it be known that you are cared about greatly.  Without you, the rest of us would not have the stability and safety we have in our communities today.  Your work is invaluable and it is important for all of us who are not social workers to show you how much we appreciate everything you do for us and our communities.

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